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My Photographs Etched in Metal

Born in 1963, I am the youngest of five. 

Being the last child is perhaps the most liberating aspect of my childhood. Everyone was too busy minding their own lives, and no one had any time to pay attention to me. 

In the absence of any serious oversight, I grew up freely and independently.

To entertain myself, I nearly always played alone creating in my mind imaginative friends and narratives.

There was a magical world under the very wide and long cherry wood dinning table, I called the "Forest." 

My imaginative, as well as, real worlds constantly grew vaster and richer due to my extensive interest in hiking the mountains, walking the woods, and by reading less-known 19th Century heroic Persian fantasies and love stories.

  *My current work is simply photographed without the benefit of any digital post-production image altering program. All the images are the result of traditional hand and other mechanical motions on the camera.

The majority of my photographs are taken in the Ho Ľomaluhia Botanical Garden, as well as, Tantalus and Koko Head Botanical Gardens.

Prints are made on 24" X 36" (Or, larger) aluminum, canvas, and acrylic plates.  Other scales and print mediums may also be considered.

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